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Welcome friends to our website, my name is Marianne and I started making Fairy Gardens some what by accident. By day I’m a High School Counselor, have been for almost 23 years, I Love talking and helping young adults but because they still fidget they look at and touch everything on my desk. So I made a few arrangements but the flowers needed sunlight and plenty of watering. I realized that I could use succulents that needed very little light and water. I started to dress these arrangements with little fairies, furniture and animals. To my surprise between students, parents and teachers orders for these arrangements started to fall into my hands. It branched off to holidays, birthdays and special occasions. Because I was a teacher I was asked to show many how to make them and It became so popular I started to video my presentations.


Well there it is plain and simple except that my Husband thinks that we can take the next step and promote on the internet and here we are. I hope you like it and if you have suggestions please leave them, we really encourage this. Thanks and be safe.

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