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Welcome To The Fairy Gardens R Us Blog!

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Thanks for reading my Blog, I want to invite you to our world of Fairy Gardens. It’s true that it started solely as a hobby and then it has taken off and well thanks to great people like you, here we are. Ok, let me tell you about what we would like to share with you, as we introduce you to Our Fairy Gardens. We have learned that the gardens can be very therapeutic, relaxing and at the end you have a creation that can last longer than flowers. Now I’m not down flowers, we love the beauty of flowers and we often use them in many of our seasonal creations, for example what would valentines be without wonderful robust red rose so yes, we use flowers and even a blooming cactus.

So, a little about the website and where we plan on going with it. First, we would like to offer an area of wonderfully interesting characters, furniture and accessories. We want to introduce you to Fairy Gardens if you’re not already experts, we would like to have online classes that can have you creating in a classroom atmosphere. Whenever possible here in San Antonio, Texas we have had classes in restaurants, libraries, bars and out in Mother Nature’s fields. We have celebrated with children’s and adult birthdays, festivals, church fairs and good old home gatherings.

We try to satisfy all that come and visit us but at times there are some complaints, Marianne has always believed that not all is set in stone, so with that we have tried to give a variety of choices to pick from. If your still not satisfied suggest an offer and we’ll try and find a compromise, we’re here to build relationships not just add clientele. I hope that we will be able to serve you, all I ask is that if your happy with Fairy Gardens RUS you tell your friends, we’re always happy to reward referrals in product or discount. I remember as a little boy I use to enjoy the High Light series books, well in these books there were always a word problem and the solution was hidden somewhere in the following pages, well in the future I will post a question that has an answer, suggestion or insert to complete the question. Hope you’ll have fun with this, also there will be awards in the correct answers.

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